choker necklaces and then some

A couple of things I'd like to address: First is the choker necklace over the buttoned-up shirt. It's a very fashion-y thing to do; I've seen Lucky's stylists, editors and my sister execute this look. This woman pulls it off in a way that doesn't look contrived to me. If you're inspired to try it, here are a few sparkly chokers: one cheapie from Forever 21 (which I have and adore) and another by R.J. Graziano. Moving on to her sequin-trimmed jacket: It's from Zara, and I bought it when I was in New York two weeks ago. It's super cute, especially when paired with more informal pieces, like lived-in jeans. I love how this woman teams it with a casual checkered blouse, rather than something fancy or expected. This top could also be the coolifying (i.e., refreshing) antidote to the other past-season boxy cropped jackets I have in my closet. Here's a checkered blouse from Madewell to consider. 

(Photo: Zara)


Albertina said...

ooohhh....I have that Zara Jacket!!! just got it in it and it goes with everything. Cute outfit!

Anonymous said...

Does the jacket run small, large or true to size? Merci!

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