bead it

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I own more clutches than underwear. How this came to be, I haven't a clue. Perhaps it has something to do with a clutch's ability to punctuate an outfit. Or that each little guy possesses so much individual character. Whatever the reason is, I have yet another to add to the collection. This graphic beaded pouch imparts a bohemian gypsy vibe and will look incredibly stunning whether paired with an elegant print dress or anything casually minimalist. I'd play up the boho angle and wear it to a festive summer cocktail party with...

1. Carven asymmetric jacquard dress, $1265,
2. Bauble Bar cabochon earrings, $20,
3. Anthropologie beaded pouch, $58,
4. Zara sandal, $49,

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kayce hughes said...

Me too!
And I wouldn't change a thing.

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