the classics

Photo: Phil Oh
While this blog is inspired by today's endless stream of up-to-the-minute chic things, I also very much appreciate the forever-stylish classics. Like the Chanel bag above. My husband gave me one a few years ago for my birthday, and I don't think I'll ever tire of it. It's a wardrobe workhorse. But, with every new season comes so many fresh and alluring bags. Most of them will have their day in the sun and then disappear into the recesses of our closets (or hopefully be given away). Thus, I often find myself asking, which one will stand the test of time and become a classic that will never go out of style? My friend (actress, discerning vintage hound, blogger, and gorgeous mother of two) Shiva Rose and I were talking about this at lunch yesterday. We were contemplating the current "it" bags out there (like this, this, and this) and we asked each other, which ones will evolve into forever bags? It's like investing in stocks. Which ones would you place your bets on?


Anonymous said...

They're all good but nothing will ever last like the classic Chanel. There is something about the chain and the shape that add instant chic to any outfit.

Crisanta said...

So funny, I was thinking about this while walking to work today and spotting one or two pops of neon a la PS1/Celine. And I said to myself how much I wish I had further invested in the Stephen Sprous for Louis Vuitton collection in 2009. 3 years later neon notes are again having a moment. I Guess it goes to show classics are not just black and white.

Marlien Rentmeester said...

So true!

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