flora and fun

$89, warehouse.co.uk
This floral trend is growing on me. Very Celine-chic. Wear it with...

1. Warehouse floral pants, $89, warehouse.co.uk
2. A.P.C. wool sweater, $195, lagarconne.com
3. Rebecca Minkoff snake embossed bag, $450, rebeccaminkoff.com
4. Loeffler Randall stilettos, $347, loefflerrandall.com

Styling note: roll up the sleeves on the sweater and throw on some gold modern bangles and a pair of gold spike stud earrings. Then... perfection.

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Estelle Hayes said...

I had a pair of skin tight leggings from Contempo Casuals in about 1991 that looked exactly like these. I loved them so much. Secretly really happy the florals are coming back.

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