Tuesday, November 22

bead bag

$27, forever21.com
The vivid Native American print makes this clutch spot on. Wear it with this...

1. Forever 21 beaded clutch, $27, forever21.com
2. Isabel Marant ruched dress, $995, barneys.com
3. Amanda Sterett for Cusp crystal earrings, $85, cusp.com
4. Miu Miu platform booties, $750, barneys.com


Moodboard said...

I ordered that bag last week:) I think F21 is using a horse & wagon to get it to my front door though if the tracking is any indication. I'm crossing my fingers that the higher price tag means a bag that won't disintegrate after one night.

Nomadic D. said...

Higher price tag?! I was just going to say, how can they possibly be selling a beaded clutch that cheap! Regardless, it looks like a great find.


Marlien said...

Yes, it's a miracle. Here's some up-close pics of the bag--and it looks pretty great!