matchy matchy

Along with my fellow editors aLucky Magazine, I am drawn to the new head-to-toe patterned outfits that popped up all over the resort runways. There's something very retro (dare I say Carol Brady) about this print-heavy look, but at the same time, it's fresh and different and adventurous. The floral set above is from J. Crew's spring collection. I kind of love it. It's such a statement. An all-out top-to-bottom commitment. But it's the type of trend that I will adapt to slowly. First, I will try a simple monochromatic outfit like the one below from Asos, then move on to subtle head-to-toe patterns. By the time I am ready for the big leagues, the fetching Carol Brady ensembles will be in stores.

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David Weinrot said...

So far, this is my favorite post. Helps me understand how you warm-up to different styles. Digging where it's going!

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