At a cocktail party in LA, Phillip Lim (one of my favorite designers) came up to me to compliment my necklace. He gushed over it, exclaiming how chic it was, and asked, "Is it vintage Dries Van Noten?" I laughed and said, "No, Forever 21." He looked stunned. I felt proud. That was when I decided to launch this site.

We live in the Golden Age of shopping.  There is a goldmine of fashion on the web (new must-have pieces appearing hourly, things you can't find in stores, etc.) and many of these legitimately amazing items--that cannot only be easily paired with designer but also easily mistaken for designer--are available at unbelievably low prices.  My Forever 21 necklace that had Mr. Lim gushing: $15. 

So what's stopping everyone from mining this gold?  My guess is time. So many choices: where to start? And confidence: can I really go to a swanky party wearing something that cost $15? LE CATCH is here to help you make the most of this Golden Age. As your trusted web fashion editor, LE CATCH scours the internet's best fashion sites every day to source the newest, most desirable, bound-to-sell-out items that are often also ridiculously affordable. Our goal is to find at least one amazing item every day that is so good it would be crazy NOT to buy it. 

As for me, I am a former Condé Nast fashion editor originally from New York City living in LA. My fashion-steeped friends on both coasts have long been enamored with my penchant for mixing Zara and Marni, Topshop and vintage designer. In fact, it's my friends who'd been pushing me to launch a site like this--even just for their personal benefit! Courtesy of this peer pressure and years of cheap chic fashion victories like the Forever 21 moment described above, I launched LE CATCH and eventually left my position as Lucky Magazine's West Coast Editor to devote more of my attention to it.


xx Marlien Rentmeester


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