Marlien Rentmeester

I packed well but not enough for this past holiday weekend at home in the Hamptons with my family. A new Doen dress, above, made a splash at a beach club lunch, followed up with the strapless floral Coco Shop, a Matteau silk shirt (that scored a zillion compliments!), and an eyelet Veronica Beard shirtdress. By the last day, to avoid a repeat performance, I ended up wearing a white cotton pajama top with my Madewell jeans to a beach party! It actually looked okay, however, if I could do it all again, I'd bring this super chic seersucker Polo Ralph Lauren pajama top to pull off the same trick, but even better, along with this new sculpted tube dress by House of Dagmar, this Saloni vest, this Chloe belt (to cinch in my floaty H&M dresses!) and these embroidered drawstring Rails pants.

Marlien Rentmeester

marlien rentmeester

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