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"I forgot to tell you," my sister whispered into the phone the other day from a far-flung fashion shoot. "They used Cos' shoes and accessories the other day on set, all of which look like The Row." Without asking who exactly "they" were, I straight-lined to Cos' website. "I got the mesh flats," she continued. "They're amazing dupes." Then it was my turn to share what "they" are wearing these days and other great dupes I've seen lately: the denim-punctuating Madewell belt, below, that easily passes for Khaite, the stretchy Staud pull-on pants (extremely) reminiscent of  High Sport and the strapless Dolce & Gabanna-vibed dress by Seven Wonders. I am also loving brooches with board shorts from the boys department (I just snapped up these from Alex Mill), as in above.

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