Thursday, April 11

intimately involved


While I've tried to navigate the tangled identity of being an identical twin with help from psychology books, I still struggle with what researchers call "dangerous intimacy," or the inability to separate my self from her. I am, for better or worse, always going to be we. This may explain/justify why a few months ago I kept helping myself to her (our?) growing stash of Haven Well Within's signature super-soft pajamas and off-duty clothing. Ever since she started shooting the brand's campaigns a few years ago (including the most recent one, above), she's become hooked on its effortlessly-chic, kick-back-and-get-comfy staples. And, naturally, so have I. While I hope Haven Well Within keeps hiring her--and gifting her product!--I now need to buy my own pieces/nurture my independence as the recently-launched line of intimates crosses the sharing boundary lines! All mine: this, this, this, and this. Perhaps these are the only things we can't share--or maybe now, for my sake, I just won't! 

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