This morning began like most, at 6:10AM, reading glasses on, phone in hand, still in bed yet on a mission to catch up with the wide-awake world. However, I wasn't scrolling through my Instagram feed, text messages and email like usual. Instead, I was double-clicking on a dozen links in Sarah's Retail Diary, an info-dense Substack, written by a seasoned retail exec and trend researcher, that's become my go-to oracle of fashion-oriented business intelligence. Today, I discovered Julia Rabinowitz, founder of The Milennial Decorator, who sells the most desirable vintage shoes (and belts, watches, jewelry) via highly-anticipated drops 10-12 times a year. Her snaps here! Which prompted me to do a quick check at The Real Real, yielding the $227 Altuzarra fringed jacket now coming my way (there's more, BTW). Then I segued onto Vogue, and its street style coverage at Paris Couture shows, which had me contemplating layering a crochet statement skirt (this or this) over a conventional midi for some fashion-week fire. I am still on a roll!



Photos: The Millenial Decorator

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