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I wrote my first Substack of the year, and I want to share an excerpt with you here as it's about my new wellness approach for 2024! I’m not an all-or-nothing person. The in-between is where I’m generally complacent: daily lemon water followed by bread with butter, if you know what I mean. For the most part, this middle-road strategy has worked for me, but now in 2024 as the 11’s between my eyebrows are multiplying into 111’s, I’m starting to feel like I need to be a little more all and a little less nothing. The nudge to change kicked in a few weeks ago, when I was on the working/mothering/exercising/traveling/socializing/holiday shopping treadmill, and my body was screaming, “Stop!” Finally, it did: I went down with the stomach flu, then Covid, then sprained my ankle playing tennis. As fate would have it, during this bout of maladies, I met Sarah Wragge, a highly-in-demand NY-based wellness coach and nutritionist who boasts a masters-of-the-universe clientele and has whittled some of my close friends into Ozempic-like leanness, naturally. Over breakfast at a friend’s house, she rattled off some easy-to-do biohacking methods that I could implement to quickly level up my life-long well-being. A few examples:

1. Aim for a 14+ hour fast.

2. Keep breakfast and snacks savory.

3. Drink one liter of water before your feet touch the floor in the morning.

I can do all of this, I thought! And eat way more protein (around 125 grams/day), plus implement more of Sarah’s SWW Method strategies, including a desperately-needed, science-based supplement protocol. Because my daily eeny-meeny-miny-moe selection-making process of protein powders, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, etc., was not cutting it, nor was it safe! Here are just a few heroes in my new supplement protocol, written by Sarah:

· SWW Restore- Replenishing Minerals

Daily stressors and nutrient-depleted foods leave our bodies lacking essential electrolytes and minerals. These minerals, including magnesium, enhance your body’s recovery at the end of every day, lure you into a calmer state, and bring you in balance. (I SWEAR BY THIS! It has helped me sleep better, improved digestion, and stopped daily bloating!)

· SWW Alkalize- Detoxifying Greens Powder

We are constantly exposed to toxins in our environment and in the food we ingest, leaving us feeling acidic, bloated, and inflamed. This powder is a nutrient-dense, organic formula of antioxidant-rich greens that kick starts digestion, supports detoxification, and keeps you in a fasted state for optimal fat burn. This secret weapon has only nine ingredients, which includes six servings of daily greens.

· Black Seed Oil

The most powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent works synergistically with Omega-3 supplementation.

· Omega

This fish oil is highly concentrated and purified with an ideal ratio of EPA to DHA to optimize brain function and reduce inflammation.

· Green Compass Collagen

Green Compass’ hydrolyzed collagen powder blend from marine, eggshell, and bovine sources helps protect connective tissue, supports healthy joints and muscles, and improves skin moisture and elasticity.

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