alessandra codinha


Yes, she wakes up looking this way. I can vouch for this astounding fact as I've traveled and woken up with my naturally beautiful friend/brilliant writer Alessandra Codinha all over the world, from Corsica to Mallorca to Mexico (with Hawaii, Menorca and NYC in between). But, I can also verify that after she wakes up she actually uses makeup. Not a lot of it, however, what she does use is all I want to use, with my objective being that I might get the same I-woke-up-looking-this-way benefits. Among her go-to's: Gucci Westman's Highlight Stick in Nectar that enhances her other-worldly glow, Ever Amid Nourishing Rouge Stain for the most natural crimson lip shade, Valmont Deto2x Cream that, she says, leaves her skin dewy but not too dewy, and Lula Potion Serum that combats dryness and restores radiance (also works on hair and cuticles). I also just bought her Mother Denim sweatshirt, pictured, hoping it will look just as glam on me! P.S. I highly recommend you read her Substack!

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