pieced together


Leave it to the Huberman Lab to make sure my New Year's resolutions work like a science. It advocates a three to five-minute "science-based protocol" that simply entails writing down plans for the day, things to strive for, things to watch out for, fears and resentments, and gratitude. I like! I can do! However, I want to add one more action point to my daily to-do list: show up! Because how I show up everyday affects how I feel everyday. My Monday-to-Sunday goal: comfortable, solid, pulled-together. Thankfully, I have an accommodation to execute: new tailored yet relaxed and thoroughly versatile pieces, specifically the styles pictured here from Apiece Apart. They include the double breasted crepe blazer, above, to wear with, well, everything, cropped, loose-fitting trousers (in the color, above), this outfit-making red cashmere sweater (below), these mesh Christopher Esber flats, these roomy Toteme jeans and this vest. I think I've nailed my 2024 uniform! 

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