down to the last details


While I was pleased to hear during this morning's parent/teacher conference that my son is developing "a sharp eye for details," I couldn't help but wonder why he doesn't seem to notice a dirty sock on the floor of his room at home. Hmmm, go figure. Perhaps he inherited this selective trait from me, as I could be better at paying attention to details and remembering how little things can make a huge difference, particularly when it comes to getting dressed in the morning.   Parisian stylist Sylvie Mus makes this habit look easy, employing accessories in clever, unexpected ways, such as a Lie gold ring layered on a leather glove and a pearl anklet over sheer tights. Sometimes the elements she employs are basic, whether it's a clean white turtleneck that stands out, a studded Khaite statement belt, or simply a sweater tied around her neck to look like a scarf. Some fine details I'm paying attention to: this Jenny Bird choker and these red Madewell socks.

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