Waze and an Uber whisked me across the 405 in the pelting rain last night for a San Vicente Bungalows dinner at with Metier's designer Melissa Morris, but my one-and-done Chloe cardigan also greased the (GRWM) wheels--stylishly fast. It's key to have these instant-glam pieces to wield at a moment's notice, and I wrote about some of the latest and greatest in my most recent Substack, but last night reminded me that a sole statement top can go a long (bumper to bumper along Sunset Boulevard) way. Plus, when you're sitting at a dinner table, what's on top is what's on tap! Some prime examples: Jen Azoulay's Aligne blouse, above, and Angie Smith's mesh Free People top, below. I'd like to make my own statement in this Simkhai sweater, this embellished Veronica Beard, and this lacy Aknvas. P.S. There are tons of terrific options at 30% off at Matches just-launched sale.

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