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My phone pinged as soon as I hit sea level. I was sweaty from my hour-long hike, buzzing with endorphins. One of my best friends had messaged me. Not let's get coffee and catch up. Not how are you. Not even hi. It was just a link to an inexpensive yet very Le Catch-looking jacket. The subtext was: "Should I buy?" I am well versed in this type of shorthand/correspondence. In fact, I kind of think it's cool that I can communicate with my nearest and dearest without actually saying or writing a single word. And I love that my friend who, truth be told, can afford a jacket with multiple zeros on the price tag, enjoys the thrill of the hunt--a lot like me. Speaking of thrills, I found some options to share with you today that are not Black Friday/Cyber Monday material of yore. These are year round-affordable pieces that elevate everyday dressing (my favorite kind). Take for example, the H&M jacket, above that goes hand in hand with an Hermes Kelly bag, no problemo! Then there is Jeffrey Campbell's take on Alaia's bound-to-sell-out mesh and leather boot, Mango's crystal studded top, and H&M lace shirt and tuxedo jacket. Feel free to ping me anytime!

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