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Last night started with a group pic that evidently only one of us wanted taken (guess who?), followed by a traffic-filled, multiple-freeway trek across town and a sweaty, uphill walk to Flamingo Estate, where we celebrated Aimee Song's collaboration with Madewell. Throughout the evening, Dorsey founder Meg Strachan, my sister and I covered a lot of ground, starting with the best boots out there this winter, why leather trousers, specifically the Sandro pair on sale, below, have become a closet staple, and how we're all going to wear the Zara mesh dress in myrid ways, last pic. We also explored Meg's obsession with long coats (this and this in particular), Coco's fascination with this book, and why I am a sucker for sequins (reasons one, two and three). All in all, it was a good night! (See more details/outfits on my Shop My Looks page amd Instagram!)



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