chanello mellow


I'm not letting Chanel's Spring 2024 collection of "real clothes,"--striped polo sweaters, slouchy caftans, head-to-toe denim, and everyday-wearable flat shoes--fool me into believing I can afford all of them, but I am buying into the line-up's casually-chic style right now via some deep V-striped knits like this and this, loaded up with strands of pearls (or this and this!), patent leather flip flops, sequin ballerinas, creamy leather, and white Mary Janes. Also in the spirit: this striped sequin And Other Stories, this quilted leather Muuba jacket, these loose-fitting straight-leg Re/Done jeans (similar to below) and this very Coco-spirited sequin cardigan from Self-Portrait.



Other beautiful basics straight from the boulevards of Paris: the perfect white t-shirt and tank top, both below, to wear with everything from trousers to skirts to jeans.



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