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Taking a picture standing next to a super model isn't the best thing for your ego, but it certainly helps when said super model shares her beauty products with you! My friend Molly Sims recently launched her own line of skin care called YSE Beauty (pronounced WISE), a years-in-the-making, clinically-proven collection of clean, anti-aging products, all inspired by her inveterate (in-front-of-the-camera) experience. A few weeks ago, Molly asked me and a few other dear friends to flaunt the glow-inducing effects of her latest skin heroes: Vacation Glow highlighter stick, Skin Glow, a SPF30 Primer and Liquid Glow Body Oil, which I have slathered on in every single shot here--and now continue to do every day post-shoot! The luxe body oil deeply nourishes and delicately scents, with Grapeseed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, and Vitamin E, all of which lock in moisture and yield a super model-bright glow (or like I just returned from a month-long holiday in Puglia!) I've also been using YSE's Brightening Essentials day and night for the last two months and I have to tell you now in all seriousness that I am feeling more game than ever to take a picture with a super model!


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