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I'll be honest: I had second thoughts about buying the above Farm Rio dress while I was in Paris a few weeks ago. In spite of all the Bon Marche-chic, only-in-France options to choose from, the pretty lace dress that I could easily buy online from anywhere in the world pulled my heartstrings. Ultimately it served me well in Marrakesh, pictured above, and beyond. Now that I am back home, I actually want more pretty and punchy a la Farm Rio. The latest looks boast a most excellent Johanna Ortiz-meets-Dolce & Gabbana-meets-Hermes vibe, and I want to wear all of it, maintenant. Specifically, the wrap skirt, the cut-out coconut dress, the print set, the floral midi, and the palm tree blouse. Everything seems to run a little big, so size down! P.S. Turns out I was on to something with my hankering for Brazil in France, as Farm Rio just launched a collaboration with Paris-based label Sezane! The result is bom!

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