super classe



It's always nice to get a compliment, but one of the coolest I've ever received was from a stylish French woman, who came up to me at a party in Paris last fall, praised my dress (by G. Label!) and then described me as "super classe" which, she explained, means more than chic in French. Merci beaucoup, I replied! She then went on to tell me that's it's important for women to tell other women they are beautiful, to raise them up and support them. I could not agree more! And so, today, I want to give kudos to a female-founded clothing line based in Paris called Mister K, above, comprised of mostly made-to-order (read: sustainably-made) pieces, from double-breasted blazers to denim shirts, all with inimitable French flair! I'd also like to generate more compliments with some of these finds from J.Crew and Asos (so Prada!).



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