marlien rentmeester


I don't mind that my friends constantly raid my closet, but lately they're all trying to borrow one item I don't want to even temporarily part with: my Dorsey Rivière necklace ! And for obvious reasons: it's radiantly sparkly and adds the chicest flash to any outfit. Its lab-grown gemstones and 18k gold-coated brass and sterling silver make it look like a real-deal diamond necklace--but I love its deal-like price! I tell them to get their own, but they haven't been able to, because it constantly sells out. (Explains why they keep trying to steal mine!) But today I'm writing to tell them and all of you that Dorsey not only just restocked tons of sold-out pieces, but launched a new collection, featuring longer necklaces, earrings (that I have not taken out of my ears since I put them in several weeks ago) and a bracelet. I recommend you hurry, otherwise you might have to wait months for one of your own.



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