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For me, this back-to-school year ushered in a new morning routine. These days when I wake up, I don't immediately check my Instagram, email or texts. Instead, I try tame the percolating to-do thoughts and take a few minutes to meditate (with a lot of help from Rise: Mini Mindful Morning Meditations by Julie Skon). When the sparks of restlessness start creeping in (which they inevitably do!), I get out of bed, open the screen doors to my oak tree-filled backyard, breathe in the fresh outside air, make a cup of coffee--and do everything I can to put off screen time till after school drop-off! The other morning had me, coffee in hand, watching the framed photograph, below, which hangs prominently on a wall near my front door. Created by one of my NYC-based best friends Lucia Engstrom, this ethereal piece of art depicts a poetic landscape of messy, wild and tangled florals. It's hazy and dreamlike and it has hand-embroidered text woven into the image that says, "Day Ddreamers Welcome," making it textural, palpable and organic. Totally transfixing and transporting--way, way more than my Instagram feed. To say I love it would be an understatement. Hence, I'm sharing this vision with you. If you want to check out more of her work, click here!


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