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I'm telling you: the wood bench outside Sunlife Organics in Malibu is the equivalent to a front row seat at a fashion show. On display: the latest and greatest SoCal style. The other day I sprinted after a woman to ask her where she'd gotten her cute printed fleece, above, and was delighted to learn it costs under $200 and has cute brethren, to boot. (I'm planning to wear it underneath my Chanel pea coat and ski jacket this winter!) Also in the spotlight: Simone Fan's IYKYK terry cloth cover-ups and post-surf wear that all the Point Dume it girls love, including surfer and model Carolyn Murphy, below. I have the cropped polo top in green--it's super cozy and chic off the beach as well. (My prediction: this recently-launched and already insider-cool brand will soon have a huge cult following.) I also spotted (and shopped on the spot) these perfectly-cropped, super flattering jeans by Tu Es Mon Tresor (a line I had never heard of!), this sleek Khaite skirt that looks equally home in both Malibu and Manhattan, and these statement fisherman shoes by See by Chloe. P.S. I used to be really shy about stopping and asking people where they bought their clothes, but that Sunlife bench has turned me into a pro!


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