balearic basics



I'm just back from a hot and hedonistic adventure in Menorca and Mallorca (hence the radio silence) and intend to share loads of pics, insider tips and packing details once I stop swaying like I'm still on a 60-foot catamaran in the Med! Had I ended up marooned on a Balearic Island, however, I 'd easily get by with Cecilie Moosgaard's simple yet stylish outfit, above: a barely-there, heatwave slip dress, such as this, this and this (I have in pistachio), and an oversized button-down shirt like these by Hommesgirls (obsessed with its man's shirt-like fit!) and Velvet. If you're going to Europe (or anywhere!) this summer, pack these two indefatigable staples. I now swear by them!

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