wrap session


$225, thakoon

Five months before Covid struck, Thakoon presciently pivoted his namesake luxury label to a direct-to-consumer brand anchored in comfort and ease. Think clothing one lives in rather than dresses up in. I'll be living in this wrap dress this summer (and beyond) and wearing it a million different ways. P.S. It also comes in white!

1. Thakoon wrap dress, $225, thakoon.com

2. Adina Reyter gold necklace and chars, $4495, adinaretyer.com

3. Adina Reyter beaded bracelet, $1998, adinareyter.com

4. Hat Attack woven bucket bag, $148, shopbop.com

5. Porte & Paire metallic wedge sandals, $245, netaporter.com

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