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Albert Einstein said, "If you want to know the future, look at the past." So,  I did. I looked to Giovanna Engelbert's summer snaps from LAST YEAR--and now I know exactly what I'll be wearing deep into August! In constant rotation: a few vibrant print, gauze-light robes from D'Ascoli (pictured), Emporio Sirenuse, Vicente Ganesha (IYKYK), Natalie Martin, and Emilia Wickstead. For suits, I'll be dipping into Gio's classically sexy look, like this shimmery Oseree, this Gucci bikini, and this print Lemlem, plus these other inspired sunshine-chic pieces by Arnaz, Cin Cin, Madewell, The Reformation, La Double J, Alaia, Verandah, and Etro.


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