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crystal haze

My son has been collecting crystals since he was five years old. He is well-versed in their healing attributes and puts them to good use, placing soothing fluorite or green calcite under his pillow to ensure a good night's sleep or stashing focus-enhancing malachite or citrine in his pocket before a Trigonometry exam. Inspired by his love of crystals, I've started to amass my own collection, which includes, of course, some I can wear fashionably! Recently I came across Crystal Haze, a new reasonably-priced but elegantly-designed line of energy-enhancing necklaces. I love the layered smoky quartz (purifying and stabilizing), above, and the mix of grounding tourmaline with the contrasting 18K-gold piazzo chain, below. I also ADORE this Beghum Khan crystal necklace!

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