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Sara Ramen

Swedish/Italian model Sara Ramen looks like she's living in an alternative sun-steeped universe--although it's really just the other side of the world in Perth, Australia, where it's high summer. By next June, I hope to be ensconced in the same cerulean seascapes and bursts of bougainvillea, breezing around in dreamy dresses, swimsuits, and accessories to go with. But right this wintry minute, I can get a jumpstart in the pretty-dress department, starting with her Ciao Lucia dress, above, and others below by Ganni, Rixo, Spell and Auteur. Her Valentino point-toe flats are also on point presently. While an ocean dip is not on my immediate agenda, I am still inspired by her warm and bright wardrobe by Cala de la Cruz and Peony (below). Sunshine daydreams! 

Photos: Sara Ramen

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