birthday catch-up


Yesterday my friend Abigail threw a birthday lunch for my sister and me at her beautiful home in Greenwich Village. It provided an opportunity for us to celebrate another turn around the sun and toast (in Swedish, thanks to Lucia) to our enduring friendships. Our catch-up chitchat also yielded some much-appreciated, trustworthy intel, such as the eye-opening lash-lengthening powers of Thrive Cosmetics' mascara (and its new tubing technology), the game-changing skin-enhancing benefits of Sakara's Chlorophyll Drops, the miracle-working hair-thickening Harlinikken scalp treatment, the compact cuteness of this Boyy bag, the flattering nature of Veronica Beard's bootcut jeans, the Aspen-chicness of this fringed Zara turtleneck, and finally the greatness that is this Mayle (my namesake!) dress . Happy Weekend! 

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