outting the outnet


A few months ago when I was surfing Old Man's on Oahu with an LA-based friend, we struck up a conversation with a local surfer, an older gregarious man, who helped us navigate the waves. Every time a set would roll in, he'd yell to us, "Battle stations, ready!" Which was our cue to paddle to the right place to catch a wave. It made me laugh so hard and doubly enjoy the ride. Today, I'm declaring "Battle stations, ready!" because you all need to jump on the swell of amazing on-sale Zimmermann and Ulla Johnson hitting The Outnet, including the under $200 dress, above, and the red one, below (which I like to wear backwards).  Also super desirable: this leopard print Ulla blouse, these print cotton shorts, this Zimmerman floral dress and this embroidered midi. Shop it all here!



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