big daddy

Anyone else scrambling for a last-minute Father's Day gift? I'm asking for a friend! ;) I do have some good ideas up my sleeve though, with some of them rendering mutually beneficial payoffs. Take, for example, Surfrider Hotel's Malibu candle, which will transport him to a beautiful big-wave day at Third Point (and make your house smell like heaven)! Also great: GrillKilt, an innovative grilling apron-meets-tool belt that holds grilling accessories, facilitates cooking and will make him like grilling even more! Read: less slaving over the stove. Then there's the self-cleaning water bottle, Larq, which, believe it nor not, purifies the water inside every two hours. Want to go all out? How about The Art of Ping Pong's wall-mounted table, above?! It looks like a piece of art on your wall and then comes down for fun and action. Yes, please!!

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