amalie and cecilie

amalie cecilie moosgaard


Since the day I was born, I've always had two closets: mine and my identical twin sister's. To this day, I still borrow (and, okay, sometimes steal) pieces from her wardrobe and vice versa. It's an uniquely awesome arrangement, dependent upon our exact-same size, height, and, for the most part, similar style. It's fun to see Danish twin models Amalie and Cecilie Moosgard, pictured here, doing the same thing. Although I can't tell them apart (LOL!), I can clearly discern their mutual fondness for summer whites (Tove dress, third pic down, along with Filipa K  Mango and Toteme jeans, below), backless swimsuits-meet-tops (Anemos, pictured below, and also this one), Levi's denim cut-offs, black ATP Atelier cut-out sandals (immediately below) and ballerinas, easy button-downs (this, this, and this), and fitted white t-shirts and perfect tanks. #goals




Photos: Amalie Moosgaard Nielsen, Cecilie Moosgaard

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