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"It would be cool if no more things happened for a while," said the first Instagram post on my morning feed. Well, that would be nice! Of course, we all know too well that life doesn't work that way (thank you for the lessons, 2020!). To counterbalance this week's agenda--dodging Covid, witnessing another history-making week in Washington, and, oh, prepping for a record-breaking Polar Vortex, scheduled to snap later this month--I'd thought I'd baby step our way in with some easygoing winter-weekday style inspo, from Emelie Lindmark, above, Nadia Araujo, immediately below, Hollie Mercedes, second image, and Katie Sands, last pic. To get into a good groove, a statement topper is a must. I love Katie's La Double J print puffer (or these less expensive options from Carhartt, Nike and The North Face) and/or an oversized throw-it-on-top-of-everything down vest, like this Uniqlo! But a teddy bear coat can do the warm and fuzzy trick too (like this and this). Another outfit-uplifter is a major bag (yes, please, Celine and Prada, pictured), like this vintage Gucci and this logo-happy Marni. One last thing to keep you distracted: you can now shop my closet at Celebrity Owned!



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