fits and starts

Lately, my morning run has felt compulsory. As if it's my only chance to see the light of day, if not glimpses of other human beings going about their business. My mind and my heart are definitely benefiting from this rigid daily routine. My knees, not so much. So, I'm inspired to shake things up! Friends are mine are currently raving about Melissa Wood's MHW Method, a series of precise low-impact, highly-effective exercises as well as Sworkit, a customizable boot camp-spirited circuit workout. For further sweat-ready inspo, I'm thinking some new exercise gear would help kick things up a notch, specifically anything from LA-based line Year of Ours, which nails standout sporty spice at a reasonable price (I'm newly obsessed)! Plus: the spotted Beach Riot ensemble, above, the on-sale Gap shorts, below, along with this super cute apres-sweat sherpa cardigan, and you-don't-see-these-everyday stretch organic cotton shorts by Nangata.



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