winter solstice


This is no mundane Monday, thanks to winter's official arrival today--and the rare cosmic alignment of Jupiter and Saturn (read: they are closer together than they have been since the Middle Ages!). I'm inspired by a high school friend of mine celebrating this momentous event with Susannah Conway's "Unravel Your Year" download, a free workbook to set intentions and reflect on the past year. It will be an especially cathartic self-care exercise, which I know will help me let go of the past, be grateful for the present and anticipate the future. In a word: healing! On a more superficial level, I'm also inspired by all the winter-ready get-ups I'm seeing on my Insta feed this morning, including Sweden-based writer Fanny Ekstrand's awesome fair isle sweater, above, a past season Loewe, but found similar here and here; Linn Eklund's Kule head gear, below; Veronika Heilbrunner's on-sale Stand Studio shearling trim coat (in another color on sale here and here), below; and Erika Boldrin's houndstooth Max Mara puffer, last pic! 


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