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Every year my sister's husband texts me asking what to buy her for Christmas. Which is essentially asking me what I want. But this year is a little different--as everything about this year is different! While we have some overlap on our lists--a membership to My Soul Vibe, which serves up personalized soul-salving meditations (much needed right now!) and skin-salving Byredo's Gypsy Water Body Lotion (OMG, the faint rosy scent!)--my sis needs jeans so she stops stealing mine (I want these back, Coco)! May I recommend the amazingly-flattering everyday jeans from Eve, inspired by Coco's friend/model/winemaker Michele Ouellet, below? Coco's daily, no-matter-what exercise routine further demands stylish street-to-sweat workout bras from Year of Ours (aptly named). She'd love anything from Maison Mayle, but specifically the beautiful dresses and jewelry, comfy but cute pajamas (this for the bedroom and beyond!) and knit pants for downtime, this NYC winter-proof (inexpensive but looks expensive) Asos puffer, and a new kitchen counter-presentable sparkling water maker. Of course, I will "borrow" some of these items in 2021. Stay safe, all!



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