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It should come as no surprise that a recent work visit to LA-based designer Clare Vivier, above, turned into a personal holiday shopping spree. I'm lucky to call Clare a close friend and collab partner (look out for another Clare V x Le Catch capsule in the spring!)--and reap the benefits of a guided/curated warehouse tour. Not only did she help me pick out the latest and greatest of her signature bags, accessories and clothes (see the cute swirly-print scarf that I'm also using a mask and bikini top, below, plus these monogrammed coin purses, these vibrant print masks, and this braided bag strap!), I also I got a peek at all the cuties in the pipeline. Since you readers are all a friend of a friend, I'd thought I'd share with you her masterfully-edited, whittled-down gift guide, chock full of stylish stocking stuffers and big-ticket statements, right here. Plus, a few of my own faves, like the woven tote, below, this, and this!


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