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Even though I just dialed my clock back for Daylight Savings, I'm kicking off this week by leaping forward to next Spring--specifically to Celine's rendition of it. It looks both familiar ('80s-inspired striped blouses) and completely unrecognizable (sports bras!?). Overall, however, the collection is youthful and very wearable. Plus, there are pieces I can wear presently (and feel ahead of the game), like the ballet slippers, above, poised to be the shoe of the season (this iteration by Margaux fits the bill perfectly), Chelsea boots (here, here and here), faded loose-fitting jeans (yes, yes, and yes!), collarless jackets (here and here), striped button-downs (here and here) and made for layering cropped hoodie. Oh, and a sleek baseball cap to cap things off!  Onward!



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