urban flight

Yep, this first half-week of school was doozy--and, oh, did I mention, it's snowing ash outside?! WTF! Even so--deep breath here--I'm doing my best to keep calm and carry on. One proactive measure I'm taking is living vicariously via London-based stylist Bettina Looney, who spent her week living it up in Ischia. Is it too much to ask to have what she's having? For example: al fresco meals at Mezzatorre in an airy Cecilie Bahnsen dress, above, followed by the cut-out Patbo one-piece, below, with a custom Chaos leather phone case on the side?! If so, then maybe I move on to the South of France, where Spanish fashion director Blanca Miro Scrimieri, second to last pic below, is hanging out for Louis Vuitton's new perfume launch. I'd be content with her vibrant red Gucci skirt and chain-anklet By Far loafers, please! And the Slim Aarons iconic water-skiing print (last pic) to take me away all day (it's only $59 after all)!

Photos: Bettina Looney, Blanca Miro Scrimieri

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