weekly wrap

It's Friday--again!--and I'm tricking out my summer uniform with a pendant necklace--or three. I love Julie Sarinana's simple but stunning Enesea's pearl charm, above, as well as her $32 denim shorts by Brandi Melville! Other obsessions: West Hollywood's Pop Up Home, my new favorite (super well priced) vintage furnishings source, pictured below, and its incredibly well-stocked website; Urban Outfitter's new $179 (!) retro-cool bar cart, below; Fanm Mom's pretty embroidered linen dress ($245), as modeled by Heather Taylor, below; the $19 polo knit from H&M (hello, fall staple, cute in cream, too!); this OTT reversible Fendi swimsuit, and the ruffled and romantic Keepsake dress, last pic. Stay well this weekend!

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