friday feels

The only reason I know it's Friday is because I have a week's load of screenshots lingering on my desktop--i.e., surplus stylish inspo I meant to share with you with you here but did not get to. To begin with, I just discovered @elborn_doris, the Korean style influencer and clothing designer based in Paris, above and below, and I am obsessed with her simple yet sleek style, along with her penchant for oversize button-downs and pleated khakis (that look anything but preppy or fusty.) Though it seems incongruous, the all-American Everlane (third pic) makes emulating her elegance a cinch with its classic closet staples, such as this and this.  Speaking of elegance, I'm also loving And Other Stories embroidered collared (Oscar de la Renta-like) blouse (second to last pic!), which, I promise you, will sell out in a flash! Finally, I've found the pretty berry lipstick, last image, is a balm for at-home pity parties!

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