The New York Times defines "cottagecore" as a reaction to hustle culture. According to Wikipedia, it's an aspirational aesthetic and lifestyle rooted in nature and domesticity, a blossoming movement stemming from mass quarantining and the pandemic. It emphasizes simplicity and pastoral peacefulness as an escape from modern world dangers. Angelenos, always one step ahead of the game, have actually been practicing this for years, calling it Laurel Canyon Louche. The bottom line is: I'm embracing it! And so can you with certain pretties like the floral Doen, above, (I also love this color) and the lace stunner, below, this striped and ruffled Lug Von Siga, this cozy-chic shearling Coach cardigan (that's on sale and will take you straight through next winter and beyond!) this sophisticated-meets-sexy Fil de Vie, this bow-back Topshop, and this puff-sleeved And Other Stories denim blouse, and this subtly embellished button down by Anthropologie (last pic).

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