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A good friend of mine--a super busy, super successful brand-building entrepreneur--texted me the other day to talk shorts. She needed a pair for the summer, one that could potentially go to work or be at home in Malibu. Along with being versatile, the shorts also needed to be leg-lengthening yet not too short, and, of course, up-to-minute sophisticated. Got that? I actually do, because this season specializes in exactly this pair of dream shorts. They feature a high waist, are loose-fitting, can be worn with a belt (work) or without (Malibu), equally cool with an everyday t-shirt or a tailored blazer, plus are eminently flattering. My faves in no particular order come from Loulou Studio (above), Vince, Frame, Knot Sisters, Phillip Lim, and H&M.

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