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le catch

My goal for this past weekend was to get outside: out of the house, out of my routine, out in nature (see here), and out of my head. So, I ventured out on long walks in the hinterlands of Malibu, made pesto from home-grown basil and then slathered on everything including vanilla ice cream(!), binge-watched Normal People (so painfully beautiful, so OBSESSED!), listened to Goop's Does Everything Happen for a Reason podcast (tears shed), and imagined a fun summer spent in Sweden (where I've never been) in nothing but forever-chic button-down shirts. This transporting fantasy was inspired by stylist Jeanette Madsen's compelling Instagram feed, which consequently led me to lose myself in the world wide web's button-down shopping rabbit hole. While it's a little embarrassing how much time I spent there, I will share with you some of the goodies I discovered along the way. Keep in mind, these are all shirts that will go from beach to street to backyard and beyond, are cut slightly (and of-the-moment) oversized and come off as infallibly cool. My selects hail from Nili Lotan, Vince, H&M, Madewell, and J.Crew.

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