glow away

I may not be able to go to Mallorca this summer--but at least I can glean that same post-Med glow at home with Osea Malibu's Anti-Aging Body Balm. I recently started using this silky sea mineral-rich lotion, recommended to me by an in-the-know friend. It deeply moisturizes and imparts the prettiest luminous sheen, seriously unlike anything I've ever tried before! And it seems to miraculously tighten and lift my skin. Perhaps its organic seaweed and essential oil formulation effects this magic? Who knows! But anyway, there's more I need to share, another rec from an all-of-a-sudden-radiant friend: Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40. This tinted sunscreen made my friend's skin look so dewy and glow-y, as if she'd been indulging in Georgia Louise facials for the last month (we all wish). I'm now hooked, and my summer game is on! P.S. That's not me in the pic above, but I hope to look this by August 1! A girl can dream.

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