monday muses

This weekend's thicket of binge-watching Evil Genius, baking over-ripe fruit tarts, and nursing a pulled hip flexor (a casualty of above-average sweat therapy) dovetailed with indefatigable pajama shirts/blouses (above) and nightgowns/dresses. In sum, it was pretty good, all things considering. But now that it's Monday, it's on to other wardrobe workhorses, inspired by super chic WFH'ers, including the cute-and-comfy sweater by Chinti & Parker (third pic down), this Miu Miu-spirited Shein blouse (similar to below), these animal print Sea pants (second to last photo, also great in black!), this Doen do-it-all (last pic) and the Antik Batik floral beauty, immediately below, which LA-based designer Julie Sarinana wore to the market. Well done!

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