face time

The last three and half weeks of Face-Timing just prompted an emergency beauty routine revamp. (Alessandra Stanley's Zoom-informed strategy on Goop also inspired!) What's needed now during this seemingly endless selfie time? For starters, way more facial moisturizer in myriad forms. After washing my face first thing in the morning, I apply (rather, baste) BeautyCounter's Tretapeptide Supreme Creme. It's crazy hydrating--like Gatorade-meets-green juice for my skin. Post-shower, I spritz on glow-boosting True Botanicals Nutrient Mist, followed by Pure Radiance Oil for an effect that's dewy, not slick. Lipstick is officially my new best friend now. The pop of a fresh pout not only diverts from the numerous neglected parts (hair among them) but unmistakably conveys "I made an effort." My go-to's include: Pat McGrath Labs Fever Dream (I've extolled its greatness before), Tower28 Shine On in Fire (100% clean,  yields a very LA undone-yet-done sheen), and The Organic Skin Co. Cheeky Pot in Lush (its name says it all). Another game-changer: Kevyn Aucoin's Volume Mascara. Seriously, it plumps my lashes like no other and makes me look bright-eyed (which, don't tell anyone, I'm currently not!). Lastly, if all else fails--and by that I mean if I do not commit to all of the above--I groom and fluff my brows with Glossier Boy Brow. It truly does make a huge difference. Anyway, I'm starting to look into more back-up. Will report back when it's further sorted.

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