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le catch

If I were motivated to take my lounging to the next level, like designer Aimee Song, above, I'd live it up with this Soho Home blanket (on sale) or this chic towel that looks like it was pinched from a glam hotel on the Amalfi Coast, this comfy H&M dress, this page-turner by Amanda Eyre Ward and these sparkling drinks (I'm obsessed), plus wear the same statement-making Celine sunglasses. In reality, I'm taking cues from my 11-year-old son, whose daily uniform consists of sweats, sweats and more sweats. He even turned me on to these $17 sweatshirts from Amazon (yes, Amazon has a private label), which come in a million colors and are as soft as James Perse (no joke). Reportedly, they're a "thing" right now (perhaps an add-on to the toilet paper everyone's buying??), and apparently, I'm the last to know. So there you have it. 

P.S. A friend of mine joked that Le Catch should be called Le Couch these days. So true!

Photo: Aimee Song

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